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GMP/FDA Approved Facility

Our manufacturing facilities are GMP Certified, Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulated. GMPs provide for systems that assure proper design, monitoring, and control of manufacturing processes and facilities.


Our products are exclusively made with only non-genetically modified organisms, to ensure that every ingredient we put into our products is good for your body and well being.

NSF Certified Facility

Our manufacturers are registered with the NSF, who independently registers manufacturers as meeting GMP requirements. These requirements are for manufacturers of ingredients and raw materials, who are committed to public safety.

Tested for Absorption

Our products are tested for absorption to ensure your body will absorb the necessary nutrients it needs. At ForestLeaf we stand by our promise to deliver what is most important to our clients, which is their health.

Made in the USA

At ForestLeaf we want the maximum involvement in the manufacturing of our products, to assure the highest quality control of our goods. For that reason we choose to manufacture in the USA.

Allergen Free*

Our products are gluten, dairy (*except Colostrum), nut (*except Liposomal Vitamin C), and egg free. We try to accommodate the sensitivities and intolerances of all our clients, and are available to answer your questions regarding our products at all times.

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